We can easily understand from the customs used around the world that sunscreen is extremely important. Sunscreen is a product with a large market share. It is a powerful product in terms of marketing. However, most of the products that are stated to be 50psf value today have been found to be less than 50spf value. In terms of reliability, the end user prefers known, trusted brands.

What is spf?
” There are 2 types of radiation from the sun that can harm us in terms of our skin. UVB and UVA. While the SPF measurement shows how much your sunscreen protects you from UVB radiation, it does not show how much protection it provides against UVA rays. When used correctly, mostly 15 SPF or SPF 30 creams for your skin It will be enough. As the SPF value increases, the protection value increases, but the difference in effectiveness is not too big.  SPF 50 or higher may be required for very sensitive skins.”

If an unprotected skin is exposed to sunlight for 10 minutes, sunburn begins to occur. The most practical way to prevent this is to prevent burns by using sunscreen.

Sunscreen ingredients vary widely. The R&D studies required for contract manufacturing are available in the Vis Kozmetik system. We can easily produce sunscreen with hundreds of packaging options.

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