For contract cosmetics production, your cosmetics company must first be established. As VİS Kozmetik, we provide service to you by carrying out the content, formulation and sample studies of your products in the R&D laboratory. In addition, we deliver your products to you as a finished product along with production, filling and packaging.

We also offer you the responsible technical staff service that carries out all your ministry transactions by preparing the Ministry of Health transactions, tests, product information security evaluation file.

Contract manufacturing has many benefits as well as risks. Companies find many reasons to outsource their production to other companies. However, there are many risks involved in manufacturing outside the company. Companies should identify their core competencies before deciding on contract manufacturers. A company’s competencies are what make them competitive in the market. A company loses that advantage if it lets another company control them.

When deciding on contract manufacturing, the company must weigh the benefits and the associated risks. Contract manufacturing may not be a good business strategy for small companies . Contract manufacturing may be a good choice for large companies trying to expand into new markets.

If you want to have your own brand contracted COSMETIC PRODUCTION, just contact us by clicking here.

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